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How Video Animation Can Enhance Your Marketing By Helping You Say More With Less

By April 20, 2012June 26th, 2015Marketing Insights & Strategy
How Video Animation Can Enhance Your Marketing By Helping You Say More With Less

Animation can be used as a powerful tool for communicating complex and abstract ideas to your audience. Using animation (or “motion graphics” as they are sometimes referred to) is almost like having superpowers. No, really! Not only can it take you beyond the typical “webcam” video and create a tremendous visual impression, but it’s such a powerful medium that it’s almost like having the ability to open up your customers’ brains and pour your message straight in.

It’s like that moment in the Matrix when Neo has all the knowledge and experience of someone who’s trained for years in Kungfu downloaded to his brain in just a few moments.

My company, Core Studios, specializes in both live-action and animated video, depending on what our clients need. So when FanBridge approached us and told us they were looking for a way to communicate their service to potential customers in a way that was quick and easy to grasp, we knew that animation would be the strongest sell.

By reinforcing their spoken message with animated visuals, we were able to communicate more while saying less. I hope this animated video will spark some ideas that you can use to impress your prospects and turn them into customers.

So next time you wish you were able to open someone’s head and pour your information and ideas right into their brain, consider the obvious (and less gruesome) alternative. If pictures paint a thousand words, and an animation is 30 pictures shown every second, and your animation is 2 minutes long… that’s… well, you do the math.

Animation — communicate more, with less words, in less time, and to a more engaged audience.

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  • Barbara Fowler says:

    I thought the video for fanbridge was great and really got its point across. Could you give an estimate of how much this cost? 

    • I second this — and  —  I’m pretty sure whatever it costs, it’d be a worthwhile investment 😉

    • Reach out to me on Twitter to discuss in more detail.  @John_Hansen:twitter 

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Barbara. John is talented and great to work with. He’s got more stuff on his site if you want to take a look, but definitely give him a shout, he can talk price ranges with you and he’s not remotely a high-pressure guy so I think you’ll enjoy talking with him.

  • Excellent stuff, John! I’m a huge fan of animation and use it extensively 🙂

    So far I’ve done it all myself, but I’d really love to work with a company like IllustrateIt, Epipheo Studios, or AdToons 🙂

    Oorrrrr… Core Studios 😛

    Seriously though, I’m super thrilled to learn about you and what you do.

  • Hi John,

    Great video animation, indeed. I think that video animation is a great marketing avenue. It’s great for those who don’t like to read and usually give a very thorough step by step.

  • Ileane says:

    Great video John. Love the animation. I think the voice over is nicely done as well. Cheers!

  • Adrienne says:

    Thanks for having John do this post today Carol.  

    Great stuff and I’m a big believer in making our videos more engaging.  That’s why I recently invited Annie Andre to share her editing techniques with us.  But I do also like the animation as well.Thank you John for sharing with us your special talents.  I have no doubt you provide a great service to your clients.  I am  going to learn how to do this though.  


    • Adrienne, if anyone can attack and conquer any kind of video, it’s you! I know most of the video we think about is the talking/teaching kind but this type is also great for showing a professional image. It’s like your own personal ad. I think it works well if you’re showing off a product or advertising something special. John has another one that demonstrates the growing national debt which is pretty powerful because the music and images give it a lot of drama. time for me to go think about doing video again… 🙂