How To Market And Promote Your Book Without Being Icky

By February 19, 2015Podcast, With Guests
How To Market And Promote Your Book Without Being Icky
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Show Notes

Have you written a book or are you perhaps still writing one? How about dreaming of writing one?

Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, chick lit or murder mystery, business or history – you’ve got more of a challenge than just committing many thousands of words to a page. Even before you’re done writing, the challenging process of marketing and promoting that book must begin. But with all the books being published, including a plethora of self-published books, where do you start?

That’s what we tackle today with a professional in the PR and marketing industry who knows a thing or two about promoting books.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • The difference between marketing and PR
  • When you should be thinking about marketing and PR
  • The most important thing you need to clarify before you start marketing and promoting your book
  • What you should do about negative reviews
  • How to pick a good PR person to help you promote your book
  • The most important thing you can do to help promote your book that even a PR professional can’t do for you
  • Where to start if you’re taking on promotion yourself plus some tips for getting the word out and building a super fan base
  • Plus more about selling without being “icky”, the value of having a platform and what not to do on social media!

Links & Resources

Your Marketing Action Item

From Meg: Don’t be shy! Get out there and talk about your book. If you’re not comfortable doing that, find someone to help you. Your book won’t sell itself.

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Carol Lynn Rivera

Carol Lynn Rivera

I'm a business owner, content creator, podcaster and marketer. In 1999 I founded Rahvalor Interactive, a web and creative services production studio, with my husband and business partner Ralph. In 2011 we created Web.Search.Social, a consulting and marketing service line for small businesses. We also cohost the Web.Search.Social Podcast where we challenge the status quo of marketing and the Carbon Based Business Units podcast where we talk about the human side of being an entrepreneur. On any given day I wear the hat of project manager, consultant, social media manager and content marketer. My true passion is writing and in my spare time I'm busy planning my early retirement to Barcelona as a famous and wealthy novelist.
Carol Lynn Rivera
Carol Lynn Rivera