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Here Are 10(ish) Ideas That Will Make 2015 Your Best Marketing Year Ever

By November 17, 2014November 23rd, 2017Podcast, Ralph and Carol Lynn
Here Are 10(ish) Ideas That Will Make 2015 Your Best Marketing Year Ever

Show Notes

Since our last couple of Monday episodes have been a little rant-ish, we put on our thinking caps today and came up with a list of things that you, Fred, can do to improve your marketing in 2015. There are some practical “do-now” ideas and a few conceptual big-picture ones. If you want to get off center and see results from your marketing, this is for you.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • Practical ways to improve your marketing, from email to ads and beyond
  • A few ways to adjust your thinking and strategy so you’re focused on the right things
  • A couple of dos and don’ts for everything from email to SEO to content and a whole lot more

Links & Resources

Our List of 10(ish) Ideas

Listen to the episode for the full scoop.

  1. Start segmenting your email list
  2. Use email more efficiently
  3. Reach out to existing customers
  4. Decide your website is a function of sales and not IT
  5. Keep your pieces connected
  6. Understand your marketing from a minimally technical level
  7. Spend money in the right places
  8. Stop lamenting the days of SEO past
  9. Stop trying to tie dollars to tactics
  10. Make your marketing about people

Bonus #1: lead with your customers, not with tactics or strategies

Bonus #2: think more narrowly about advertising

Extra Bonus #1: make marketing part of your process

Extra Bonus #2: recognize that marketing doesn’t produce immediate results

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  • Leona Martin says:

    Awesome tips for 2015! It truly is amazing how businesses rely too much on their web designers to have that much control over their website information. Agree – marketing success doesn’t happen overnight!

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    • You. Rock.

      There is no more to be said on the matter!

      We really need a Melanie compilation at some point because this stuff is too good to be forgotten. We’ll do a year-end tribute to all thing Melanie 🙂

  • Guest says:

    Haiku in the works … stay tuned. 🙂

  • Lakesha Brown says:

    Great show guys, love the tips! I’m ready for 2015! 🙂

  • AKCS Ankit says:

    This is great post ..awesome !! I love author voice. I like your tips for develop a best market business.