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Happy WHOlidays From The Web.Search.Social Marketing Podcast

By December 22, 2014November 23rd, 2017Podcast, Ralph and Carol Lynn
Happy WHOlidays From The Web.Search.Social Marketing Podcast

Show Notes

We planned to take two weeks off but then the microphone jumped in front of us and said, “Record me!” And that led to a somewhat un-marketing-ish conversation about chocolate, bear burgers and other food-and-beverage related things. Hey, it’s the holidays!

In This Episode We Talk About

  • Our latest delicious Klout perk
  • Our friend Téa Silvestre’s Butter & Beast project
  • The best kind of chocolate
  • What it was like to spend an evening with a mixologist
  • Plus we have the first official Web.Search.Social snort and we thank you, Fred, for being the best audience a podcast could ask for.

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Join the discussion 13 Comments

  • Bryan Kramer sent me an autographed copy of his book?! As they say in the UK, “Bless his heart”. 😉 Gotta tell ya – I posted the poem on his FB page but I didn’t hear a whisper or a peep so I figured he paid no attention. Wrong! Lesson learned: Just because someone doesn’t respond to you on social media doesn’t mean they didn’t catch your message or appreciate your words and sentiments.

    LOVE the graphic Colleen created for today’s podcast. She’s not only talented but such a fun gal to hang out with online! Always gracious, bubbly, and eager to strike up a conversation — the kind of person you’d adore having as a friend.

    I hope Santa brings Mailchimp a bag of coal for Christmas. Nuf said.

    As a matter of [unsubscribe] interest, FTD continues to email me even though I unsubscribed (repeatedly) over a year ago. I guess they’re just not ready for our relationship to end. What can I say? I’m so darn lovable, they find it impossible to break the ties that bind us. Or maybe they fired the responsible party and don’t plan to refill the position any time soon. Budget cuts, y’know. No problem. I don’t mind giving my delete button a weekly workout.

    When I come to visit, please don’t make Winnie the Pooh burgers for dinner. Arroz con Henny Penny will be just fine. LOL!

    • You summed it up better than I could! And yes, don’t you love that graphic? I love Colleen, she is all that you said and then some!

      As for Henny Penny, I’m totally ok eating her 😉

      • Just checking back to report an autographed copy of Bryan’s book never arrived. 🙁 He’s probably busy. No biggie. I’m willing to cut him some slack. 😉

        • OMG Melanie I’m embarrassed to say I stuck the box under a shelf so it would be out of the way during the holidays AND FORGOT!!! Geez Louise, I had better send those out. Feel free to slap me around a bit.

          • Oh, so YOU’RE the guilty party. LOL! Reassuring to know there’s someone else on this planet who clears away the clutter for the holidays and then forgets to pull out all the hideaways when the hoopla ends. 😉
            No problem, Carol Lynn, and no rush.

  • You know the melody so sing along:

    Hark! The herald angels sing
    Glory to Ralph and Carol Lynn!

    Peace on earth and mercy mild
    Bear on a bun is strangely wild

    Joyful all ye nations rise
    Melanie lives in the city of Surprise

    With angelic host proclaim
    Colleen deserves designing fame

    Hark! The herald angels sing
    I’m craving a rum-based fruit drink

    Merry Christmas and Happy 2015 to the best and liveliest podcast partnership on the planet! 🙂

    • And may I say…. we’ve graduated from poetry to SONG! This is truly a banner day. Consider this an open invitation to come on our podcast and share your rendition of it 🙂 Of course. I have been humming this all day now.

  • HI Carol,

    Wow, it’s been a while I haven’t been here. Last time I came here it was a podcast, and I wasn’t somewhere I could listen to it.

    Love to hear about your cats. My cats didn’t like anything either LOL. Once a neighbor bought some treats for them, and they treated is as a piece of plastic, looking at him like “and we’re supposed to eat this?” They didn’t even treated it as food.

    I’m glad you’ve unsubscribed. I do some of that a lot lately too lately. My inbox is to the max.

    That drink artist is amazing! I hate all kind of hard alcohol, but I love wine, champagne, and sweet liquors. Or even mixed drinks. I packed on alcohol last night, by the way. I’m READY for tomorrow!!! Nice to hear that you guys drank a mortgage payment amount. Always nice to know that you’re not the only drinker in the room 🙂

    I’m glad you are going to take a break. I am too. I will publish a post with links of my older posts of this past year on Monday, but that’s it.

    It’s nice of you guys to share a bunch of other people here.

    Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

  • I must fess up to loving your intro music, too. I’m thinking you need to record a short G+ Hangout video with some of your listeners chair dancing while they listen!

  • I was so glad to hear that Ralph “REALLY” didn’t kill Santa Claus. I was going to be a bit disappointed. LOL Carol Lynn I have to agree with you that Klout gives some great perks. One of my favorites was the Freeman beauty product line (it was like an $80 perk). It was great. I am like Mallie….loved the intro music.

    Have a great New Year. Great Podcast.


    • Nope, Santa is alive and well… and eaten 🙂 Those fair trade perks were the best. I looked some of that stuff up online and it’s not cheap! Plus the food was all tasty so I always enjoy that.

      Hope you’re enjoying the holidays and have a great new year!