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Get More Leads, Customers And Profits With The Nuclear Chowder Marketing Method

By August 18, 2015October 29th, 2017Podcast, With Guests
Get More Leads, Customers And Profits With The Nuclear Chowder Marketing Method

A Very Handsome And Delicious Episode

Today we talk to Mike Brooks of Nuclear Chowder Marketing who has just published his first book. It’s called “The Nuclear Chowder Marketing Method” and we want to know: what does that mean?

Ralph got a signed copy with some nice words but I did not! Mike blames it on getting old and says he did sign a copy for me but somehow forgot to put it into the envelope to mail it. Uh-huh.

At least I got to edit and proofread the book. Plus I did write the intro, so technically does that mean I have a book too? Hey, I may as well capitalize on all that handsome and deliciousness.

More hilariously, Mike is now being referred to as “handsome and delicious” by other people who have heard us say it a few times.

But if you want the real inside joke, “Nuclear Chowder” refers to “explosively delicious” marketing. Guess it’s catching on.

Why A Book?

It started as one or two blog posts and a few weeks later Mike ended up with 190 pages of marketing goodness.

But he didn’t really write it to sell it (though selling a few copies wouldn’t hurt!) He wrote it for potential clients so they would know exactly how he works. He wants people to know what his methods are and how he can help them grow their business and make more sales.

So what IS the Nuclear Chowder Method?

Mike calls it a “roadmap” or “blueprint” or [insert your buzzword of choice here]. It’s basically a process that you can put into practice so that you can earn more business.

What it’s not is a get rich quick strategy. There are no tricks and no schemes and no magic. In fact, Mike says it’s nothing that hasn’t been said and done before. The problem is that too many business owners are running around “trying things” without understanding the fundamentals of marketing. They don’t have a process, haven’t set up a sales funnel, don’t have a marketing system.

And that’s what his method will teach you.

Mike doesn’t talk in abstractions or concepts. He gives you real, actionable tactics that you can use to build your own strategy. In fact, he has used this method to grow multiple businesses over the year and even turn around a struggling one into a super profitable enterprise.

Skip The Fads

Mike says that no fad will make you money unless you’ve got the basics in place. If you’ve listened to our conversations about Periscope you know we completely agree.

The question is not “Should I jump on this trend?” but rather “Does this trend fit into my marketing system?”

If you have a fundamental marketing process then you’ll know what fits and what’s just a distraction.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For The Sale

It’s a common problem, especially online and on social media. Where some people are all about self-promotion, many are still afraid to actually ask people to buy stuff.

There is a common drumbeat that you’re supposed to give stuff away, do things for free, and that’s how you build your business.

A lot of people I’ve been listening to online have been asking the question, “When is it ok to charge for something?’

My answer is: NOW!

Giving stuff away for free is called charity.

But even if you’re ok with charging for your products and services, you still have to sell them. You can’t be afraid of actually asking for a sale.

Sadly, sales has gotten a bad rap and nobody likes to seem “sales-y”. But unless you actually sell, people are not going to buy.

Your Customers Need You To Make Money

Think about it like this: if you don’t make enough money then you can’t stay in business and that will NOT serve your customers.

Mike tells the story of his martial arts school, how it started out in a gross basement that always smelled like socks and had hard floors.

But as he began to make sales and market the business, they started making more and more money.

So what did they do?

They got a better space. The bought mats so the floors were not hard and nobody got hurt when falling down. In a nutshell, they provided better service to their customers.

None of that would have happened without making more money – and without making more sales.

Content Marketing Is Old News

Now, we’re not suggesting it’s on the decline, but what Mike is saying is that content marketing has been around for a very long time. The only thing that’s changed is the buzzword used to describe it.

It used to be called “writing” or “telling a story”.

Writing a blog post to answer your customers’ questions is content marketing. Or just… writing.

The point is that you don’t need to get overwhelmed by buzzwords. You need good fundamentals and you need to know how to talk to your audience, answer their questions and tell them the stories they’ll love so they can connect with you.

Money Loves Speed

This is one of Mike’s favorite sayings and one that I have the most mixed feelings about.

The idea is to stop trying to get things perfect and just get it out there. Stop worrying about getting it right and just try something.

And I’m perfectly on board with that. There comes a point when you have to do something. And it doesn’t have to be perfect. Unless you get something out there and do it fast, you will be left behind. The longer it takes you to do something, the longer you have to wait to make money.

Don’t be afraid to fail.

Where it falls apart for me is when people put things out that are obviously lacking in quality. There are some well-known marketers who make a whole ton of money and don’t even bother to proofread their sales letters. The argument goes that if the message is great, the delivery doesn’t really matter.

In fact, someone Mike knows gets better results with mistake-ridden sales letters. Go figure.

Call me crazy but I can’t get on board with putting out content that isn’t polished, even if it makes more money. I think you can have both – polish and speed.

The bigger point is, get your content out there. Make it good, make the message strong but don’t obsess about it. Better to get something flawed out there with the potential to make you money than to wait until it’s just right.

Content is also the core of SEO

I’ll make this easy for you: you can’t do SEO without good content.

If you want more, you’ll just have to read the book.

Get A Free Book

We’re giving away a free copy of the book to the first five people in the United States who post a message on Facebook or Twitter and mention Ralph and Mike with the hashtag #handsomeanddelicious. Get to it!

Your Marketing Action Item

From Mike: buy the book! (Hey, Mike knows how to ask for the sale.)

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  • Money loves speed and speed loves Mike and Mike loves marketing and marketing loves method and method loves core fundamentals.

    So ….

    Should we conclude the faster Fred runs to buy Mike’s book, the speedier Fred’s sales?

    I’m pretty sure I got that right. 😉

    P.S. Sorry, Mr. Handsome and Delicious, but errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar turn me off. Yeah, I’m quirky that way. Of course, I realize I could be alone in my thinking. There may not be another human being on earth who feels mistake-ridden copy diminishes credibility. Those of us who edit copy for a living are most likely the odd ducks. LOL!

    • And yes, I am also one of those sticky ducks who hates typos! I mean, I understand they sneak in (heavens knows I do it enough) but I don’t think that you should put out copy that isn’t polished. Besides, the guy who was making money off typos was probably ALREADY making money. If you’ve got a billion people following you then sure, they are going to hang on your every word and they are going to want to be the one to point out a typo and be like “LOOK WHAT I DID!” But for the average joe and josephines among us… yeah, typos just make us look stupid.

      • Ahh … a kindred spirit always makes my day. 🙂

        “Typos just make us look stupid.” Yep, they do! And I must admit I cringe a little and squirm in my seat when I hear people claiming otherwise. Okay, so I’m biased. But it’s the way I feel and I don’t suppose I’ll ever feel otherwise. I’ll never get my head out of the classroom, where everything was graded on correctness. Make a typo and you got marked down.

        • I completely agree.. I am the horrible woman who points out typos on road signs as I drive down the street. I cannot stand it. Yet, I am the worlds worst for not rereading my own work. And with auto correct and doing so much Social Media on my phone, there is no telling what people will find that I have posted out there….

          Cannot wait for my copy to arrive…

  • The #handsomeanddelicious Mike Brooks
    Dives, head first, into chapters of his book

    Mike is boldly claiming money loves speed
    And I thought money was in love with greed

    Content marketing means telling a tale
    Your hero’s journey will lead to the sale

    Mike’s Nuclear Chowder Marketing Method
    Will deliver more oomph than you expected

    Get core fundamentals, not hooey or bunk
    Not your typical hyped-up marketing junk