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Generate Traffic And Business With Pinterest

By March 2, 2015November 23rd, 2017Podcast, With Guests
Generate Traffic And Business With Pinterest

Show Notes

Did you know that men are the fastest growing demographic on Pinterest? (Businesses, pay attention!)

Today we’re joined by Jeff Sieh, the manliest of Pinterest users, to talk about how to effectively use Pinterest to generate traffic to your website, plus some of the nifty things you may not have known you can do with pins.

Even if you haven’t tried Pinterest yet or don’t think your business lends itself to the platform, you may be surprised by how powerful Pinterest can be and the benefits it can provide.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • Why Pinterest isn’t just for girls and wedding dresses
  • How to name your boards and pins so they can be discovered on Pinterest and in Google search
  • What you need to think about to optimize your pins for mobile
  • Why you need a Pinterest business account (and not just a regular Pinterest account)
  • What makes a good pin and how you can create visuals even if you aren’t in a visual business
  • What else you can pin – because Pinterest is for more than just photos
  • Plus we talk about analytics, scheduling tools, promoted pins, rich pins and plenty more!

Links & Resources

Your Marketing Action Item

From Jeff: Do something different. Think about how you can step outside your comfort zone and do something that you haven’t tried yet or that your competitors aren’t doing. Try a podcast, take a video, don’t be afraid if you’re the only one in your industry doing it.

From Carol Lynn: Start a “Behind the Scenes” board on Pinterest then snap a photo with your smart phone or camera of your office or surroundings. Flip your camera so you’ll have a photo with a vertical orientation – it works better for Pinterest! Then post the photo with a caption and put a human face on your business.

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Join the discussion 15 Comments

  • Super excited about the marketing action item this week. I just learned how to use my new fancy camera and I have this wonderful new work space. Now, I get to share it with all of Pinterest… I had no idea that the images had a completely different orientation for each different site. I feel like a goob. No wonder they look like crap when you share them in different places. First on my list is to print the cheat sheet. Loved the show and hearing what Jeff had to say. Cannot wait to hear more from him… Looking forward to Alyssa ‘ s show…

    • Just two more days till Alisa’s “Superheroes Of Marketing”! See you there, Tammie. 🙂

    • Sometimes it’s those little “a-ha!” moments that make your day! It’s definitely a pain to have to think about so many different things when sharing to different social networks but it does make a difference. Your photos will look a lot better and not get cropped weird. You can post horizontal photos to Pinterest but it is definitely more or a vertical display so those look better overall. The Social Warfare plugin has been a lifesaver for that stuff. Let me know when you do your homework, I want to see your photo 🙂

    • Jeff Sieh says:

      Thanks so much for listening @tammierampley:disqus! Don’t forget to cross promote some of those images over on Instagram as well. Instagram users love behind the scene content! Thanks so much for listening!

  • “Jeff Sieh, His Beard, and the Pinterest Beard Board”

    It’s no longer all about weddings
    Or crafty home schooling moms
    Men are starting to pin like mad
    Jeff, the Ralphs, Joes, and Toms

    Manly food and manly movies
    Motorcycles and beard boards
    Guys are visual dreamers, too
    Men are pinning drapery cords

    People won’t click crappy pins
    You must think outside the box
    Position your best boards first
    And be sure your images rock

    Pins last longer than you think
    Feature that plays in your favor
    A shelf life that lets pins simmer
    A tip business owners will savor

    The description field of every pin
    Is something you can’t overlook
    Jeff can tell you what to include
    So other pinners will take a look

    Jeff’s got manly Pinterest tips
    To assure your pins stand out
    With all the magic of meta data
    To boost your visibility and clout

    Pinterest is a discovery engine
    A search engine extraordinaire
    Jeff Sieh is helping all the guys
    Scruffy types and the debonaire

    Pin your hearts out, guys! We need more Pinterest testosterone. 🙂

    • Jeff Sieh says:

      Ok @melanie_kissell:disqus that is one of the most awesome things I’ve seen! You’re awesome!

      • Many thanks, Jeff! You’re pretty awesome yourself.

        I have barrels of fun writing poetry for this podcast. I’m on staff, y’know, and they pay me oodles of dough. 😉

        Who knows? I may hit the podcasting circuit and lay a few more rhymes down. In the meantime, I can’t wait for Alisa’s podcast to air. Thrilled to hear the two of you are collaborating. 🙂

    • What can I say that says it better than Jeff? You are awesome! Also I was thinking your poems would make lovely pins! I’ll have to take a look into that…

  • Mandy Stephens says:

    Another very timely and interesting podcast, thanks Jeff, Carol Lynn and Ralph. I have created a new Social Media and Marketing Pinterest board in your honour!