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Designer Aaron Wood On Building A Social Media Empire With Posters, Propaganda And Popularity

By December 11, 2014November 23rd, 2017Podcast, Social Marketing, With Guests
Designer Aaron Wood On Building A Social Media Empire With Posters, Propaganda And Popularity

Show Notes

Today we talk to Aaron Wood, a graphic designer most recognized online for his social media and pop culture propaganda posters. We’re big Aaron fans if you can judge by the number of his posters that line our office walls. Aaron’s story is unusual but the lessons we learned can be applied to any business. They include things like “be nice” and “make friends”.

Enjoy our conversation and if you love his artwork as much as we do, enter our giveaway to win one of his propaganda posters. Winners will be chosen on Friday December 12th so hurry and enter now!

In This Episode We Talk About

  • The importance of recognizing opportunity even when it comes from unexpected places in unexpected ways
  • How word of mouth can propel your business in ways that no marketing tactic can match
  • Why you need to engage people, build meaningful relationships and more about taking a genuine approach to marketing

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Join the discussion 3 Comments

  • Aaron is the epitome of genuineness, talent, and fun. Beautiful interview! I could listen to him for hours. He’s the real deal … and he knows how to knit. 🙂

    • I know!! The knitting is my favorite thing. He has done some pretty fun work in his time. And I love his artwork. He is also a super nice guy which is the best best part 🙂

      • I’ll have to say this is one of my favorite podcast interviews. I love them all, mind you, but Aaron’s is a standout. It’s the “super nice guy” factor that sealed the deal for me. You can hear the authenticity in his voice. 🙂