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Content Curation Drives Us Nuts, Apple Makes Life Difficult But Wine Saves The Day

By October 27, 2014November 23rd, 2017Podcast, Ralph and Carol Lynn
Content Curation Drives Us Nuts, Apple Makes Life Difficult But Wine Saves The Day

Show Notes

Get your noise-dampening headphones ready because in this episode we crack out the bleep button. Ralph is on a warpath about Apple and I get on my soapbox about content curation. But in the end it’s all good because we wrap up with a fun lesson in wine and marketing.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • Why “change for the sake of change” has Ralph all riled up
  • Why the “80/20” rule doesn’t apply to social media and how content curation is the lazy way out when it comes to marketing
  • The importance of a good visual identity
  • And more about wine and superfans (with special thanks to Melanie Kissell for being one!)

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Join the discussion 11 Comments

  • “We’ll infect you like a virus”. Then consider me infected — and highly contagious!! I LOVE to curate your content (couldn’t resist) LOL!

    Carol Lynn and Ralph, you guys are the cat’s pajamas! I so appreciate the mentions and I have goosebumps right now because no one has ever referred to me as a “Superfan”. For that matter, a ‘super’ anything. I feel like celebrating. I think I’ll buy a bottle of Backhouse Wine. 😉 By the way, I love Sweet Baby Jesus beer and if you enjoy ciders, give Angry Orchard a whirl.

    Truth is, sharing your content is well worth my time. Bottom line: You’re entertaining and that’s an endearing quality and a skill most people never master. If anyone out there thinks it’s easy to hold someone’s attention, think again. Alongside the marvelous marketing lessons you share, the way you deliver your content makes all the difference for me (Just like the aesthetics and storytelling on the Backhouse Wine label).

    Today’s podcast episode brought out the poet in me:

    This is a tale of content curation
    The new opium of the web nation

    The 80/20 rule beats like a drum
    Here to say it’s dumb, dumb, dumb

    Content curation is an empty calorie drink
    Gulp it down and watch your business sink

    The practice itself is deceptive and lazy
    It’s not good marketing, it’s downright crazy


  • Yup. love this discussion about the “Opium for the masses”

    And BTW Rivera x 2, of all the soap boxes I’ve stood around, yours are the best.
    I’m confident that I’m in the top ten people that have read all 6500+ words that the two of you have published about content creation.

    You are quickly becoming the “experts” on the subject.

  • Whenever I hear the word “should”, I shudder. Whenever I hear the question “why”, I dance with glee:) Cheers! Kaarina

    • We are so on the same page about that! I try to avoid shoulds and shouldn’ts (said with guilt because tomorrow’s blog post is sort of…. well, should-y). But seriously, I wish I could get everyone to stop taking things at face value and start thinking a little more critically!

      • When I first got started on “social”, I followed all the should/must/do this/don’t do that/see me/hear me/follow me stuff, much to my own detriment. It took some time to be able to stand back and think strategically and critically, and to realize that, although gems of wisdom existed, they often got lost in the mass of white noise and push-selling tactics that abound online.

        I’m at a crossroads right now (although my good friend says I should consider it a new threshold, which sounds so much better:), as I re-think my entire online strategy and branding. You and Ralph are beacons for me in this crazy, wacky online world: voices of reason, sensibility and (dare I say that over-used word but in this case is so true)…value. Cheers! Kaarina

        • Thank you Kaarina, I so love and appreciate your kind words. I think we all go for the shoulds and shouldn’ts. It’s just human nature to think someone else must know better so we need to follow the experts. I have shelves of books and file folders full of downloads from various “experts” to prove it!