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Celebrate 100 Podcast Episodes And Save Up To $6,000 On Your Marketing

Celebrate 100 Podcast Episodes And Save Up To $6,000 On Your Marketing

It’s Here! 100 Episodes And We’re Still Kicking.

When we started this venture in September of 2014 (with thanks to Cynthia Sanchez for kicking us in the butt and getting us off center) we didn’t have a particular episode goal in mind. We just knew that we wanted to get going and keep going, as long as we were sharing good info and having fun.

We knew it would be work, we knew we would have fun, but we never could have anticipated so many of the things that have happened along the way. Like you, Fred. Who knew we’d have a loyal and awesome army of Fred? With SuperFreds leading the way? Who knew we’d have the opportunity to talk to so many awesome and diverse people, from film director Chris Leone to plagiarism expert Jonathan Bailey to sex coach Kim Anami… and so many in between?

(If you’d like to meet all of our guests, visit our podcast page and scroll about halfway down.)

We’ve truly enjoyed the journey and we’ve enjoyed getting your feedback and questions and even getting to know many of our listeners better. We’re looking forward to the next 100!

In The Meantime, It’s Still About The Marketing

The thing that kills us is that even after listening to us hammer on so many mistakes that can be avoided, people still tell us horror stories of marketing gone awry. Websites crashing and being lost forever (why no backups?!) “Cheap” marketing providers or web developers disappearing and taking your stuff with them (why no precautions?!) Worst of all, maybe, we hear about people spending money on marketing only to be perpetually wondering why and what the point is (why no results?!)

People, it’s time. It’s time for a change. If you’re suffering through the Disappearing Developer, the MIA Marketer, or experiencing the “what am I spending money on?” blues… it’s time to change that right now.

That’s Why We’ve Got A SuperFred Deal Going On.

We’re serious about the time being now. So serious that we’re going to make this very simple. You sign up for one of our marketing programs on this page before the end of this week (that’s Friday the 15th) and we’ll discount your program by 20% for 12 full months.

Next week the discount drops to 15%. The week after it drops to 10%. The week after it’s gone.

We’re so serious that even if you’re still feeling muddled and don’t know what to do or which direction to take, we’re also offering a one-on-one hour long consultation for $250 so you can ask anything. Want advice? Now is the time to get it. Need guidance? Now is the time to get it. And if you decide to sign up for one of our programs after our consultation, we’ll credit that $250 to your first month’s program so your consultation ends up being free.

Thank You, And Stick Around For The Next 100!

Will you be the next SuperFred and join the ranks of Poet Laureate Melanie Kissell, Chief Executive Friend Manager (and Freduary creator) Colleen Conger, Chief Executive Research Dude Ian Anderson Gray, Chief Executive Of Everything (and creator of the hash tag #WSSup) Jillian Jackson, Chief Executive Digital Content Roving Detective Reporter Tammie Rampley and the rest of the SuperFred army?

Will you make 2015 your best marketing year ever? What are you waiting for? The time to start is now.

Visit Our Sponsor

Check out the always wonderful and talented Tammie Rampley of Tramplee Designs on Etsy where you can choose one of the bags there or send her a request for something custom. We’re already on our third order… about to place our fourth and we’re delighted every time not just by her craftsmanship but by her service and the total experience.

Your Marketing Action Item

From Carol Lynn: Find out if your website is being backed up. Make sure you know three things: where it’s being backed up to, how often it’s being backed up and how long the backups are retained. If your website isn’t being backed up – or if the backups don’t work to protect your business as well as they could – stop what you’re doing and remedy that right now.

From Ralph: Interview a few business coaches (good ones sometimes call themselves growth consultants or similar) and find out how they can help you balance your business with the rest of your life. A good coach/consultant will look at your financials and help you find more effective and efficient ways to spend your time and money so you’ll have more time to do things you enjoy.

Oh, And Don’t Forget The Stickers!

As part of our 100th episode celebration we’re giving away Web.Search.Social stickers and clings for the asking. Since our carrier pigeons are on vacation, these are only available for shipping to the U.S. Fill out your mailing info below and we’ll get one out to you ASAP.

You’ll also be subscribed to receive emails whenever we publish new content. If you’re already subscribed, don’t worry – your subscription will stay the same.

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  • Cling me, baby, cling me!

    LOVE your time-sensitive special superfred offer page — Killer-O-Matic copy and design!! Impressive. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear you guys know a thing or two about marketing and content creation. 😉 So where do I sign up for your affiliate program? Cause your offer is insane! Hey, I know a great deal when I see one.

    “Unlimited is unlimited … until it’s not.” Yep. You nailed it. The options for web hosting are … uh … um … unlimited! Which, of course, is designed to provide you with unlimited stress. LOL!

    Let’s face it. Disclaimers rule. Guarantees? Not so much.

    Imagine not generating any leads while sitting on the #1 spot on the first page of Google results! Now that’s novel. NOT. I bet you’ve had that conversation a hundred times (or more) with prospective clients. 🙁

    I suddenly have the urge to listen to the Nuclear Chowder Podcast. But first, I’m going to invest in a big chunk of subliminal marketing. 😉

    CONGRATULATIONS on your 100th episode! ::confetti falling:: Kudos and Oreos!! ::party horns blowing:: WHOOHOO!!! ::cartwheeling angels:: Love you guys! ::hugs::

    P.S. It took me half a day to read through all the celebratory comments here. Fred’s level of engagement leaves me speechless.

    • Still working on the page of course… Because that’s how we roll! I’m glad you’re feeling better enough to write that entire essay. True story, we really did record that at about 1AM on Monday. It was like being in college and doing an all night again except while also being old and freaking exhausted 🙂

      Anyway, we had fun and we got some fun clips from people. I hope you liked our intro! As you know we would not be having nearly as much with without you and we most certainly could not have ANYONE as loyal and amazing as you. Thank you being the best of the best of all SuperFreds!