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Branding, Visual Identity And World Domination. What? Are You Kidding Me?

By January 19, 2015November 23rd, 2017Podcast, Ralph and Carol Lynn
Branding, Visual Identity And World Domination. What? Are You Kidding Me?

Show Notes

Today it’s all branding all the time… well, except for the other stuff about hosting and avatars and clones and SuperFreds. But it’s mostly branding! More specifically it’s about the visual identity component of your brand, why it’s important and what you as a small business person need to think about.

In This Episode We Talk About

  • What you need to think about when you’re developing a visual identity
  • When obsession with your brand is helpful and when it goes overboard
  • The importance of consistency and why it’s ok to iterate instead of taking on a major overhaul
  • Plus we name a new SuperFred position and thank her for helping us get one step closer to world domination

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Join the discussion 6 Comments

  • Congrats to Colleen Conger on receiving the designation of Chief Friend Manager! I love Colleen. She’s energetic, hard-working, talented, friendly, and totally fun to connect with online. 🙂

    • You’re making me blush Melanie! You may not know this Melanie, but back in January, 2013 when I launched my website, you were my very first email subscriber. And, when I wrote my first blog post for Prosperity’s Kitchen, you shared it on every conceivable social media channel out there. I was over the moon ecstatic that someone thought enough about me to do something like that. Thank you just doesn’t seem to say enough. You’re absolutely terrific!!

      • Blush on, Colleen! You’re a good egg. And I know a good egg when I see one! 🙂
        And now I’m blushing, too. Good thing we look great in pink. LOL

        On the sincerest note possible …
        There are certain people online whom I get very strong, warm, positive, almost kindred-spirit-like vibes from. Know what I mean? You’re one of those people. Thank you for your beautiful sentiments and it’s my privilege to share your gifts. xoxo

      • Doesn’t surprise me, Colleen. Melanie is the best superfred anyone could ask for. She is pretty much the Universal SuperFred (sounds like a new title!)

  • Thanks for another information packed episode Ralph & Carol Lynn! As a graphic and web designer, I find the line between consistency and obsession completely transparent on some days, especially when the design process heads down the rabbit hold of shades and hues of a particular color of a logo and differences of opinion. I’ll now know how to keep my head on straight and my OCD in check.

    I sincerely appreciate being mentioned on the podcast too. What an unexpected honor. I have to confess though that it’s because of role models like Tea Silvestre Godfrey and Melanie Kissell that I have such a deep conviction about sharing fantabulous people writing great content that makes so much sense. As a business owner, I would be lost and lonely if I didn’t have people like yourselves to look up to and learn from.

    • See, exactly what I was talking about with obsession! Some of our inconsistency was because we also liked orange one day and blue the next and purple after that… so we had to come to some realistic conclusion.

      I think we’re all in good company with Téa and Melanie. Them’s good eggs. I would be lost and lonely without you and all of the wonderful people who keep us going so thank you for your support – and all your amazing ideas!