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An Honor: Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

By July 30, 2012June 26th, 2015True Stories
An Honor: Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

This is an unusual post for me and comes as the result of a happy surprise. Turns out two of my online friends and faithful blog readers have nominated me for the “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award”. The first thing I wondered was, “Does that come with chocolate?” And the second thing I did was thank them profusely. (Guess I should’ve done that in reverse, huh?)

Well, I’m pretty excited to be recognized and want to say a very big and heartfelt thanks to them now. First is Cat Alexander, a no-excuses, get-real, tell-it-like-it-is chick who knows how to… well, tell it like it is. You won’t get any vague wishy washy junk at her Internet Marketing Success blog.  Check it out for actionable ideas and a kick in the pants when you need one.

Second is the prolific Sylviane Nuccio who will take you on a tour of France at her France Travel And Food blog,  give you some thorough writing advice on her Persuasive Writing And Marketing blog, and seriously challenge your stuck-in-the-mud thinking at her Understanding Your Subconscious Mind blog. I have no idea how she manages to do so much but you should check out her bio if you really want to be impressed.

Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award Rules

Ok, so the Sisterhood doesn’t mess around and there are rules.

  1. Recipients need to thank the giver (check!)
  2. Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog (check!)
  3. Post 7 things about yourself (hold your horses, it’s coming)
  4. Pass the award onto 7 other bloggers of your choice and let them know they’ve been nominated (good stuff on the way)

7 Things You May Find Interesting About Me

  1. I grew up in a large, Italian family where we ate macaroni and meatballs every single Sunday without fail. After I got married, I never ate another meatball on a Sunday again. But I make a mean one on Tuesdays. I often think that the predictability is what catalyzed my magnetic attraction to change.
  2. I have five younger brothers and the youngest was born when I was 16, so I was old enough that he was more like my own child than a brother. We had ridiculous fun together. Sometimes I think that’s why I never wanted kids when I “grew up” – been there, done that! When I look at the grown man he is today I get that weird mom-like feeling of “How the heck did we get here and where did the rest of those years go??”
  3. I outgrew girly stuff a long time ago. I dislike pink quite a lot, never made best friends with a diamond and haven’t owned a dress since my honeymoon 15 years ago. My idea of a good time is a cigar, a bottle of whiskey and some Wipeout on TV. Sometimes this amuses people. Sometimes it irritates them. Either way it’s ok with me.
  4. I love olives.
  5. My first “business” was designing and making jewelry. I rented a corner in someone else’s craft shop and made very little money. I knew nothing about marketing and even less about what my demographic wanted. A cousin put it bluntly and succinctly when she told me that the reason nobody was buying my stuff was because it was “too perfect”. It looked less handcrafted and more like something that came off a factory assembly line. Turns out all those painstaking, obsessive hours I spent getting everything perfect did not pay off. I’ve learned to be a whole lot less perfect since.
  6. I cry every time Frosty the Snowman melts.
  7. I believe in the power of kindness. Practice a little every day and you’ll start to see the world transform around you.

And Passing It On…

Ok, I’ve got to be a rebel here and make up my own number of people. Mostly because I wracked my brain and thought of a bunch of people who are terrific business people and bloggers. It’s like a wedding… if you invite one cousin you have to invite them all…. And I didn’t want to leave anyone out. Plus I know a ton of super talented guy bloggers but figured that was pushing the rules a bit too far.

So I’m taking a different approach. Not seven, but four, because I want you to take these four seriously and enjoy, learn from and get to know them.

Here are two women who have recently inspired me…

Annie Sisk of and Pajama Productivity for her incredible strength and perseverance. Annie defines “survivor” and “success story” and writes with heart and passion and a uniqueness you don’t want to miss.

Christine Brady of Sweet Spot List Building. She’s focused on providing the good stuff – no rushed-off junk on her blog. She’s a pro at building online relationships and knows the power of people and relationship-building.

And two who have already been nominated but have something special to share with the world.

Adrienne Smith of for her amazingly positive attitude and encouragement. This is one dedicated blogger who knows the value of relationships and friendship.

Donna Merrill of Donna Merrill Tribe. If you ever need inspiring and encouraging words, visit her blog. She’s a real dynamo.

That’s it! And in the spirit of sharing, I’d love for you to tell me something completely arbitrary and interesting about YOU…. And if you have a super awesome blog that you think is worth sharing with the world, by all means add a link.

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  • Christine Brady says:

    Hi Carol Lynn,

    What can I say? You are an incredible blogger yourself and I am honored to be mentioned by you!

    Many thanks!


  • Hi Carol Lynn,

    Congratulations. This is awesome and you definitively deserve the award.

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention pizza as part of your daily meal, since that’s my favorite food (and I eat it several times a week) 🙂

  • Annie Sisk says:

    Wow, Carol Lynn – I am truly honored, and proud as hell to be in any sisterhood that includes such stellar women as you! Now, I’m off to go pass it on!

  • Adrienne says:

    Well congratulations Carol, you definitely deserve this award and I enjoyed reading this post.

    As I’ve mentioned to everyone who has received one of these, my favorite part is learning more about you. I’m with you about the dress thing but you’ve got me beat in the years. Your idea of a good time is a cigar, a bottle of whiskey and Wipeout? Wow, I would have never known. You continue to amaze me young lady.

    Thank you so much for the mention, I’m so honored. I gladly accept any nomination anyone wants to give me so I really appreciate that. I’ll have to check out your other two mentions besides the lovely Donna whom I visit often as well.

    Really appreciate it Carol, thanks again and enjoy your week.


    • I love that part, too, Adrienne. It’s fun to get a peek inside everyone’s life. I hope you do check out those other two ladies. Annie has an amazing story and she really has inspired me with her determination. And Christine has a lot of great advice for building email lists but she is really dedicated to making sure it’s good content and not “the same old junk”.

      And you certainly deserve it because you’re inspiring and I always enjoy your blogs and comments, too!

  • Aha what fun to read the little secrets of people we know through blogging.

    A Cigar! Wow, I didn’t know or imagine you with a cigar, but that makes sense since you have that boyish thing in you. How funny is that! Since I am Italian on my father’s side I had macaronis and meatballs every Staturday my whole childhood. I couldn’t believed when I read that! I knew we had more in common than writing.
    Thanks you for sharing all that and thanks for your compliments about me 🙂

    • Haha! Another macaroni and meatballs person!! There were some things we did the same every single time. Never once did we stray from the path!

      As for the cigars, I went to a trade show several years ago where they had cigar vendors (and whiskey, and some really good steak, mmmmm) and there was a contest to see who could roll the best cigar. I had no idea what I was doing and never touched a cigar in my life before. But I learned how and I came in second or third, i forget now. Didn’t win but felt pretty proud anyway. So after that I just started liking them and having fun!

  • donna_tribe says:

    Thanks Carol Lynn, I am once again honored!!!
    The best thing about this is that we learn so much more about one an other.
    I was doubled over in laughter because I also grew up in an Italian-American family and every Sunday we had gravy! Brasciole, meatballs, etc. No wonder I’m a vegetarian. he he
    I also cry at “Frosty the Snowman” Never let my kid watch that one. Also Bambi…terrifying movie no kid should watch!
    Thanks again for sharing,

    • Mmmmmm I love Brasciole. My grandmother made the best! We only got it mostly on special occasions, though, so I wouldn’t mind some more! that’s funny that you ended up being a vegetarian! I don’t think I could give up meatballs permanently 🙂

      And yes, I agree on the movie – I thought that was super scary!

      • donna_tribe says:

        I think it was because of the Easter holiday tradition of having that baby lamb on the table with it’s head (Capozelle -the delicacy)! As soon as I was 16 I made my own Easter tradition of eating out with friends lol. P.S. I make veggie meatballs now

  • Sue Price says:

    Congratulations Carol and well deserved.

    I love this award mostly as we are learning things about each other. I did not even know you are Italian 🙂 I love most things Italian and especially the food. I really resonate with what you say about the predictably you had growing up leading you to change. Me too!
    I still love girly stuff though 🙂
    I love your writing style and good to get to know you a little more.


    • That’s the part I like, too! I think there should be a blogging rule that every 6 months we have to write a post about some random thing about ourselves 🙂 I always find it so much fun to learn those things. I admit I like **some** girly stuff. I’m a sucker for a cool necklace. Thanks for your thoughts as always!

  • Sonia says:

    Well said girl. Whiskey huh? I love how down to earth you are and how non-girly you are too. I am so comfortable in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Throw in some flip flops and I am cool. Congrats girl on being honored with this. You are a Fab lady!

    • I love flip flops! My least favorite time of year is when it gets too cold to wear them anymore then I get all bummed and put them away until next year. And I never used to like whiskey. But after trying some here and there I started liking a few. Thanks for your kind words and I know you’re on the list too, and all I have to say about that is… “Of course!”

  • Hi Carol,

    Congratulations on being awarded dear 🙂 Well, aren’t your deserve ’em for creating qualitative content, offering great services and for being a loyal friend? 🙂

    The best thing I like is that you all got to share something more 😉 Glad to know more about you and I didn’t know that much of you except you are the eldest. Seems you were not a girly-girly girl 😉 But actions speak, eh?

    Nice to hear that Adrienne and Donna awarded here 🙂 They are awesome personalities.

    Have a great week dear 🙂