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All I Really Need To Know About Marketing I Learned From Being Human

By December 1, 2014February 1st, 2018Podcast, Ralph and Carol Lynn
All I Really Need To Know About Marketing I Learned From Being Human

Show Notes

As we emerge from a weekend-long pie binge, we reflect on what marketing really means and decide it has a lot more to do with being human than people may think. And what better theme for this week than one that focuses on the human side of marketing and not on the charts, graphs and traffic statistics?

Stay tuned for our Thursday podcast, too, where we talk with Bryan Kramer, author of There is no B2B or B2C: It’s Human to Human #H2H and be sure to enter our giveaway to win an autographed copy of the book!

In This Episode We Talk About

  • Yet another down side to content curation that makes it impossible for people to get to know and like the real you
  • The importance of keeping the social in social media
  • Why the most important time to be marketing is when you have too much business
  • The underrated value of being a good human being
  • Plus pie, poetry and more!

Links & Resources

A new poem by Melanie Kissell:

I gobbled up too much turkey

I’m proud I passed on the pie

Glad the gravy had no lumps

Plugin problems make me cry


Tweets without your Twitter handle

Equate to turkey without stuffing

The quality’s declining on freebies

I’d rather they offer me nothing


The Marketing Game Changer Kit

Is the exception to the rule

Relinquish your email address

Your marketing tummy will be full


I cannot consume another piece

Of crusty stale SEO cake

As long as I’m garnering leads

I don’t care about Google’s first place


I’m thankful for this podcast

I love you guys so much

The content here is yummy

I can never devour enough!

Ralph’s Hair

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Join the discussion 14 Comments

  • Congrats to Ryan on his 100th episode! (But Fred and I still like your podcast best.Yeah, we’re a little biased.)

    Instead of talking apples and oranges today, you’re talking apples and bananas. Why am I not surprised? LOL! Pass me a slice of that pie, Ralph.

    “Rich sources of dialogue and conversation” on social media. If only. Don’t see much of that going on. In private groups, yes.

    “Overly focused on analytics”? Nah, not this kid. I’m focused on the “signed checks”. 🙂

    Love the segway bell. It’s SO zen. And such a fun toy. Ding!

    “Marketing is how you present yourself.” Please put that on a bumper sticker. Thank you.

    “You can’t be a good marketer through brute force.” Please put that on a coffee mug. Thank you.

    Monday is still my favorite day.
    Thanks for posting my poem in the show notes. I love you even more!

    • I’m ok with Fred being our biggest fan 🙂 Well, next to you of course.

      If I told you how much pie we ate this weekend it would be mortifying. Let’s just say I really have a date with the treadmill. After that I am going to start printing bumper stickers and coffee mugs!

  • Richard Vobes says:

    For your information I recorded over 1800 of the Vobes Show podcasts over 9 years. I was recording one 30 minute show a day – including visits, interviews, guests, beer tasting, news stories and so on – all for no money! 🙂

    • WOW! That’s a whole lot of shows. Anything you could repurpose today?

      • Richard Vobes says:

        There probably is, but I am not sure to what end. I have also been recording an online journal podcast – that has 1750 shows! A prolific podcaster for the past ten years. However, I could never build an audience beyond 100 people, even though I was doing things like podcasting from Dr. Who’s Tardis at the BBC scene dock.

        Now I am concentrating on writing children’s books (adventures for 9-12 year olds) but of course, I haven’t been able to reach the audience because they don’t have creditcards or use social media and although I try reaching the parents, I have found it hard to build the level of trsut for them to purchase from me or via Amazon. (Too many known/successful authors, I guess.)

        So now, I am trying to put together a stop motion animation to promote the books.


        • Here is my short and unsolicited advice: you have to sell yourself before you sell your book. Once people know you and like you they will be more inclined to buy your stuff, sight unseen, and give it a try. You’re selling a book after all, not a lifelong commitment! Be personable and get to know people and then the book can follow. Like I said, unsolicited advice because I don’t know what you’ve been doing in the past and you might say “But I did that!” But in my experience there is usually some disconnect between “social” and “selling”.

          • Richard Vobes says:

            Thanks Carol. Yes, I am selling myself but probably to the wrong audience. 🙂

            Keep up the good work. I enjoy the shows.

  • Dino Dogan says:

    awh you guys. You’re so sweet. Thank you for the mention.

  • The Year Without A Santa Claus is my FAVORITE Christmas special. Extra points for the reference!