Web.Search.Social is a creative services and marketing company that focuses on helping businesses like yours use web, search and social marketing to grow and succeed. But that’s not all! We can help you with marketing of all kinds, from branding to business cards. Our goal is to provide you with a free resource of some of the best marketing content that you’ll find on the web, and to be of service for those times when you need to hire a professional.

How We Can Help You

Whether you’re a DIYer and need advice, have a specific marketing need, or want someone to help you plan and manage your marketing from top to bottom, we can help. We have worked with companies large and small for over 15 years. We’ve developed custom web apps and WordPress sites, created all sorts of branding materials from logos to t-shirts and supported the ongoing marketing efforts of our clients. Through Web.Search.Social we offer training, production and support services to small and solo businesses, DIYers and those of you who need a push – big or small – in the right direction with your marketing.

Our Promise To You

  • You’ll get the best of our ideas right here on our blog in a way that’s not only useful but also fun. We aim to teach and entertain.
  • Every post you’ll read is thoughtful and researched, so you’ll get only quality, current information.
  • We’ll never tell – or sell – you any “secrets”, tricks or easy answers. We keep it real, even when it’s hard to hear the truth.
  • You’ll find information and inspiration you can use. We don’t like fluff and won’t give you any.
  • When you need us, we’ll be there. Get in touch with your comments, questions or requests and we’ll get back to you personally.

Meet The Web.Search.Social Team

Carol Lynn Rivera
Founder, Writing & Marketing Strategy

Carol Lynn is a writer, community manager and your go-to person for planning, strategy and ultimately getting your marketing done. As co-owner of both Web.Search.Social and  Rahvalor Interactive, she builds WordPress sites, manages social communities, writes for email campaigns, blogs or websites, puts together marketing plans and manages the rest of her creative team of writers, designers and developers. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of Web.Search.Social. She has been in the digital marketing business since 1999 and has professionally studied project management as well as search and social marketing.

Carol Lynn loves reading, writing, sunflowers, cupcakes and being able to work with her husband and business partner, Ralph.

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Ralph M. Rivera
Founder, Programming & Development

Ralph is a programmer and web developer who is the co-owner and technical genius behind both Web.Search.Social and Rahvalor Interactive, where he’s in charge of keeping his team of programmers, coders and developers on track building custom websites and applications. If you need to make things happen on the web in a way that ties into your big-picture marketing goals, Ralph is the one to do it.

He’s been in the business of creative digital services since the late 1980s. He is also an educator, offering his experience and expertise to businesses as they strive to make sense of the world of online marketing, and he teaches web development to inquisitive young minds at Manhattan College in New York City.

Ralph loves whiskey, playing guitar, Halo and relaxing weekend afternoons reading great science fiction by the fireplace.

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Michael Campasano
Creative Direction, Photography & Design

Michael is a brand creator, website designer, and graphic artist and the creative mind behind both Web.Search.Social and Rahvalor Interactive. He’s your resource for all things branding and design, from colors and fonts to t-shirts and packaging.

He is engaged in a multitude of creative pursuits from web design to photography, logo creation to furniture building. Michael enjoys a good whiskey, a great burger and spending time with his wife and twins.