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60 + 1 Ways You Can Hyper Charge Your Marketing Within The Next Month

By August 14, 2014February 1st, 2018Marketing Insights & Strategy
60 + 1 Ways You Can Hyper Charge Your Marketing Within The Next Month

Do You Listen To Podcasts?

If you run a small or medium sized business, you should. There are a ton of great podcasts about business management, entrepreneurship and marketing.

Of course, I’m partial to marketing because that’s my passion and what I do for a living.

One of my absolute favorite podcasts is the Nuclear Chowder Podcast which is hosted by my good friend, Mike Brooks. I had the incredible privilege of hosting the 60th episode which is now available for streaming and download. You may be wondering why I hosted a show that is usually hosted by Mike Brooks on such an important milestone.

Well, it was an accident.

Seriously. I’ll explain in a moment.

I’m going to give you 60 reasons why you should be listening to this podcast, but first I want to make an exciting announcement.

Drum Roll, Please…

In September, Web.Search.Social is going to launch The Web.Search.Social Podcast. Yup. I’ve been talking about it for a while, but it’s time. For me, episode 60 of the Nuclear Chowder Podcast was partially a dry run. Practice, if you will. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be telling you more, but for now let’s talk about how Nuclear Chowder got to 60.

Getting To 60 (By Accident)

The Nuclear Chowder Podcast

The 60th Episode: Traffic, Leads, SEO, Social Media and One Giant Lie!


Neither one of us realized that Nuclear Chowder was up to episode 60 when I recorded. The funny thing is that my wife and business partner, Carol Lynn, was a guest a few episodes ago and after it went live we realized that it was episode 50 (Content Marketing That Speaks To The Right Audience). So this is apparently a theme in podcast numbering.

For me hosting this episode of Mike’s show was particularly fun because I essentially invited myself on and then imposed a super secret guest on Mike. More on that later.

The week before we recorded, Mike ran a seminar for local small businesses on how to speak to an audience and convert them to leads online. It was standing room only. The audience was interested, excited and engaged. Mike presented like a boss.

The Seeds Of A Show

After the seminar, I got the idea to perform a hostile takeover of Mike’s podcast to talk about the seminar with a super secret guest. Of course, having me take over his show was nerve wracking for Mike and the fact that I didn’t name the super secret guest was even more so.

For days he called, emailed and texted me trying to figure out who the guest was. I accidentally said the word “him” at one point, making it clear that the guest was male, but I stuck to my guns and didn’t tell.

As it turns out, Mike Brooks found out during the podcast that the super secret guest was Mike Brooks. He was totally surprised and it was great. So I want to share what we talked about and give you a sneak peek.

The Nuclear Chowder Show

Mike is a friend, colleague and also masterminds with my team. He essentially acts as a marketing advisor to us and we do the same for him. So in a sense, I am his marketing client. That’s the approach I took during the show.

I wanted to challenge him on his advice to his customers, us included, and hold his feet to the fire.

I opened the show by talking about the Web.Search.Social website relaunch and some of the metrics that resulted from our efforts and by extension Mike’s. We talked about how our mailing list grew, how we started getting more conversions and how we did that by making our site better. And counterintuitively, we haven’t seen a significant increase in traffic. Just an increase in leads because we are delivering our message better.

We had a great discussion about “Internet Marketing Fatigue” and why people are getting exhausted with the constantly changing social media landscape and what a business can do to avoid social media “mission failure.”

We debated whether higher traffic was good or didn’t matter. Where do conversion come into the equation? How do you balance both?

We even explored the reality of do-it-yourself social media. What are the upsides and downsides of learning social media on your own and running, scheduling and managing your own engagement?

The Promise of 60 + 1

I promised you 60 + 1 ways to super charge your marketing. The “+1” way is to sign up for the Web.Search.Social newsletter so you can get our articles and find out more about our upcoming podcast.

The 60 ways you can supercharge your marketing in the next month is to listen to each of the Nuclear Chowder podcasts. I know it sounds like a lot, but if you run a business, it’s required listening.

You’ll be glad you did.

The 60 Nuclear Chowder Episodes

  1. 001 Podcast Nuclear Chowder Show – Easy Online Marketing For Small Business
  2. 002 Podcast Nuclear Chowder Show – Taking A Business Online
  3. 003 Nuclear Chowder Show Podcast – How To Write Publish And Market A Book
  4. How To Build A Community Of Loyal Fans And Followers
  5. Gary Vaynerchuk Interview On The Nuclear Chowder Show
  6. The Importance Of Blogging And Content Creation
  7. Networking For Business Success
  8. How To Sell Without Being A Salesman
  9. Five Big Google Changes You Need To Know About
  10. Simple System For Small Business Success On Twitter
  11. John Lee Dumas Entreprenuer On Fire Interview
  12. The Secret Of Making People Buy From You
  13. 013 Did Mike Brooks Just Really Interview President Bush?
  14. 014 How I Get Tons Of Traffic To My Blog With Triberr
  15. 015 The Recipe For Online Marketing Success
  16. 016 Inbound Content Marketing Interview With Marcus Sheridan
  17. 017 Podcasting With Cliff Ravenscraft The Podcast Answer Man
  18. 018 Mike Brooks Online Marketing Case Study – Part 1
  19. Michael Stelzner Discusses The Launch Of My Kids Adventures
  20. 020 Mike Brooks Online Marketing Case Study Part 2
  21. 021 The Birth Of Influence Marketing
  22. How To Increase Sales (Without Selling)
  23. A Conversation With Small Business Owners – John Murphy
  24. Conversations With Small Business Owners – Cesar Abeid
  25. Why Joel Comm Makes Me Angry
  26. Interview With Facebook Ad Expert Jon Loomer
  27. Announcing The Online Marketing Makeover Course
  28. How To Use Linkedin With Lori Ruff And Mike ONeil
  29. Online Marketing Makeover Training Course Begins
  30. How To Get A New Site Found On Google
  31. The Google Hummingbird Algorithm Change Demystified
  32. How To Get Quoted In The Media For Free
  33. Show Me The Funny – Content Marketing And Humor
  34. Like Customers? You’ll Find This Podcast Very Pinteresting
  35. Grow Your Business By Hosting Live Events
  36. Things You Need To Know About Using Images
  37. How To Get On TV In 3 Simple Steps
  38. Podcasters Unite For Holiday Mashup To Talk Social Media Marketing
  39. In Social Media, You Get What You Give
  40. What Happens In Vegas Gets Podcasted About #NMX
  41. Podcasts-Marketers-Facebook-And-Blogs Oh My
  42. How To Get New Customers Today
  43. The Only Marketing Method That Works
  44. Why ME?
  45. Episode 45 – Size Doesn’t Matter – When It Comes To Website Traffic
  46. Live From Social Media Marketing World 2014 #SMMW14
  47. Get Them Off Facebook To Your Email List #SMMW14
  48. Social Media Marketing In 2014 – What The Research Reveals #SMMW14
  49. 4 Big Things From Social Media Marketing World #SMMW14
  50. Content Marketing That Speaks To The Right Audience
  51. Great Content Marketing Requires Great Time Management
  52. The Secret To Writing Marketing Copy That Gets Customers
  53. Inside The City Hour Networking App
  54. Ryan Hanley Declares Content Warfare
  55. The Reason Your Website Is Not Getting You Customers
  56. How To Get More Customers & Profits Through The Power Of The Internet
  57. Internet Marketing And Selling Small Business Style
  58. Online Marketing Tools Can Kill Your Business
  59. CT Internet Marketing Agency Warns Against SEO Company
  60. The 60th Episode: Traffic, Leads, SEO, Social Media and One Giant Lie!