5 Tips For A Killer LinkedIn Profile

By March 19, 2012June 26th, 2015Social Marketing
5 Tips For A Killer LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is quietly turning into a lead generating powerhouse… with over 135,000,000 professionals and counting.  The majority of users still have no idea what this amazing tool is capable of. Of the hundreds of people that attend my local workshops, not one could say they knew 1/10th of the capabilities of this power packed tool.

However, before you can take advantage of the marketing capabilities, you must start with a good foundation. Your profile has to be created in such a way that people searching for your type of business will find you, and once they do, your profile must be attractive enough for them to want to connect and engage with  you.

Here Are 5 Tips For A Killer Profile

1. Use Keywords Effectively. If someone was searching for you, what 3 or 4 keywords/phrases would they use? Go to the search area of LinkedIn and type in those keywords. Do you show up on the first page of results? If not, your first job is to modify your profile to include those keywords in your:


  • Use all 120 Characters.
  • Don’t use “Owner” or “VP”. Save that for Job Description.
  • Use keywords that describe your expertise like “Small Business Marketing Specialist”.

Current/Past Jobs

  • Add a summary. My mentor Lewis Howes recommends 3 focused paragraphs:  Who you are, who you help and how you help them.
  • Always end with a call to action  (call me, etc.).
  • Include all your contact information to make it easy for someone to find you.
  • Use “I” statements.  (i.e.  I have 25 years experience).


  • Make this a list, not a paragraph.
  • Capitalizing all words makes it look more professional.

Work Experience

  • Make sure you fill this in completely to give the best picture you can of where you started and how you’ve progressed through your career.


  • When you edit your website, there is a pull down menu.  Choose “other”.  A third column comes up allowing for a description for your website. Include keywords and calls to action:  (i.e. “Click for eBook on Business X-Factor”. You can use this to send someone to your website for email capture).
  • Use all three websites: Direct people to your Facebook page, YouTube channel, blog etc.

2. Keep Your Recommendations Current. Once someone finds you in a search and they see your profile is full and complete, it’s important to have some good recommendations.  If they look at 3 profiles and yours is the only one with recommendations, who do you think they will call first?

  • Ask good clients to recommend you and say specifically how you were of benefit to them.
  • Give detailed recommendations to people you’ve done mutual business with.  They might give you a recommendation in return without even asking for it.

3. Make Connections. Connect with as many people as possible. The more connections, the better chance for others to see your profile.

  • Import your email lists to connect with people you already communicate with.
  • Expand your pool by searching for people you may know from college, work, etc.

4. Take Advantage Of The Power Of Groups. Groups are important because they allow you to connect directly with other members of the group even if you don’t know the members.

  • You can join 50 groups and start up to 10.
  • Join groups in your industry to keep abreast of the latest trends and to find out what your competition is doing.
  • Join groups where you will find your target prospects/clients.
  • Be active. Belonging to a group is only one step. You must also connect with people there. Post helpful news and articles, and answer questions to show your professional expertise.

5. Use Applications. They can help you build a more dynamic picture of yourself and show people who you really are.

  • Add apps like your blog, apps that give you the ability to attach documents to your profile, reading lists and more.
  • It is under the “More” tab > “Get more applications”.

Congratulations, you have just created a Killer Profile, so get ready for the perfect storm… storm of leads that is! You have keywords, calls-to-action and contact information spread throughout your profile. Your recommendations are building and you are set to promote yourself with connections and groups and also to set yourself up as an expert in your field.

You are welcome to connect with me on LinkedIn and view my profile as a template. You will need my email address to connect so stop by and send me an invitation!  [email protected]

Whew!!!!  Keep an eye out for my next LinkedIn Update where I’ll show you how to starting building your brand, gain exposure and find great leads.