4 Tips To Gain Followers On Pinterest

By December 21, 2012 June 26th, 2015 Social Marketing
4 Tips To Gain Followers On Pinterest

So, you’ve come in a little late to Pinterest. No worries, though, you can still jump on the social media bandwagon and gain a following.  As you may already know, Pinterest can be addictive.

For me, I love the idea of organizing all the pretty pictures into categories called “boards.”  I can easily zoom in on a graphic I like, make a comment, repin (the equivalent of a reblog or a share) or simply “like” someone else’s pin.

Boards and pictures are also placed under easy-to-find topics such as Technology, Hair and Beauty, Women’s Fashion, Film, Music and Books, Science and Nature, and so on.

It’s pretty easy to discover the most beautiful pictures and interesting ideas on Pinterest. Just click on the topic you like or choose “everything” and scroll down.  It’s a virtual feast for the eyes. As such, I’m not surprised to see that Pinterest has become a pretty popular social media community.

A Few Convincing Statistics

On BlogHer’s annual study on social media dated March of this year, a whopping 81 percent of women from the general US population said that they trusted Pinterest and blogs. This is compared to only 67 percent of women who said that they trusted Facebook and 73 percent who said they trusted Twitter.

Those surveyed also responded more to Pinterest recommendations—47 percent compared to those who acted on Facebook recommendations (33 percent) and Twitter recommendations (31 percent).

Even males are finding the site to be useful.  ComScore says that 25 percent of consumers buy a product or service after discovering it on Pinterest, with the number of males who do going up to 37 percent.

As such, we can see that Pinterest is a great resource and tool for a company’s marketing efforts. As a beginner user, here’s how you can use this social media space for your benefit.

Fill Up Your Profile

When you subscribe to Pinterest, you’ll be asked to choose a user name.  You can use your business name for this for maximum exposure.  Don’t forget to fill up the “About” section. This description shows up on your Pinterest page and is the best way for followers to see a summary of what your pins will be about. Make the description as succinct and as interesting as possible.

Also, don’t neglect your profile picture.  According to Pinterest, the ideal profile picture has square dimensions and is sized 160×160 pixels or more. Rectangular images are resized, centered and cropped, so this shape may not be ideal for Pinterest.  If your image is larger than 160X160, Pinterest automatically resizes it for you. However, if your image is too small, your profile picture will look stretched.

Your best bet is to stick as close to Pinterest’s recommended dimensions and aim for a square shape.

Go Social

Don’t forget to connect your account to your other social networks, too!  Connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts would make Twitter and Facebook icons appear on your Pinterest profile. This way, people can check you out on your other social networks. You can also add a link to your website, which is a great way to keep people connected to you wherever you may be.

Additionally, remember not to over-self-promote. While one of your primary objectives might be to publicize your products, you should place equal importance on engaging other Pinterest users. Follow boards that are in line with your interests, comment on or like particularly interesting graphics that relate to your business and remember the basic rules of etiquette! Say thank you, give credit and be nice!

Create Interesting Boards And Pins

Pinterest is all about getting visual. The top pins according to comScore are usually food, home, arts and crafts, style or fashion, products, vacations, humor, travel, inspiration, education and children. Users can create boards for their varied interests.

Create your own boards and give them short and specific names that capture people’s interests.  You can create quotes, infographics, and even YouTube videos to pin on your boards.

Optimize Your Website For Pinterest

Make it easy for your blog readers to follow you on Pinterest.  First, place a “Follow me” button on your website.  Next, use the “Pin It” button to make it easy for others to grab images from your blog. Lastly, use Pinterest for iPhone, iPad and Android, so you can keep your Pinterest account updated even when you’re on the go!

These are just some of the Pinterest basics that will help you gain followers on your new social network. Happy pinning!