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10 Fundamentals For Ecommerce Success: Tip #9

By May 10, 2010June 25th, 2014Website Design & Marketing
10 Fundamentals For Ecommerce Success: Tip #9

Just as your ecommerce success can hinge on factors other than strictly ecommerce functionality, it can also hinge on factors outside of your site altogether.

These are factors you don’t create – but you can control, and ultimately use to your advantage. Even if you don’t know what to expect, simply knowing that you don’t know and being open to possibilities and opportunities will pay off in the long run.

Tip #9: Use Feedback

Customer feedback can mean the difference between a successful ecommerce site and one that is ignored. You can tout your expertise until the cows and sheep come home, and gain nothing compared to what one glowing customer review can do.

Let customers give their opinions and publish them on your website so that other potential customers will learn how real people feel about your products and services.

Even less-than-stellar commentary will help to establish your credibility as a business that takes its business seriously. You always have the opportunity to respond to a disgruntled customer and come up with a way to address the problem that proves your commitment to providing the best products and solutions possible.

Especially if you’re engaged in social media, you need to be acutely aware of customer comments and feedback, even if that feedback isn’t necessarily directed toward you.

Make sure you’re actively monitoring conversations about your products with relevant keyword searches so that whenever you do notice a compliment or complaint, you can respond appropriately.

Putting the good and bad online adds a level of transparency that says “We know things aren’t always perfect, but we’re willing to do whatever we can to earn your business”.

What opportunities do you provide for customers to give you feedback?

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