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10 Common Sense Tips For Building A Good Website: Tip #10

By April 20, 2010June 26th, 2015Website Design & Marketing
10 Common Sense Tips For Building A Good Website: Tip #10

It’s time to wipe your brow. You’ve labored through planning and executing a top-notch website and you’re confident that it will provide a return on your investment. You’ve even set up a regular maintenance schedule to be sure that your site continues to impress visitors. All well and good but if you neglect the simple truth of this final tip, your efforts will likely fall short.

Tip #10: A Website Should Be Part Of The Big Picture

A good website does not stand alone. It must be an integrated part of your marketing plan and an extension of your company’s message, values and goals.

Don’t stop mailing your monthly newsletters just because you’ve posted them online. Don’t forget to nudge customers with occasional email reminders. Don’t neglect your brochure because you think all that information is online anyway. The key to marketing success is branding, and branding means repetition, and most importantly, consistency. You want your customers to recognize you as a great company both on- and offline.

A website is no more a “marketing plan” than a single brochure. Customers respond to marketing efforts differently and someone who may never bother to search for your product or service online may readily visit your website after they receive a postcard mailer from you. You should look at your website as a tool. It can help generate leads and customers, provide information, serve as a venue for customer service and interaction, and contribute to the success of your business. But do use it as a tool, one that evolves and grows with your business – not as a one-shot, up-and-done, end in itself.

What are you doing to get your website in front of customers?

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