Planning & Consulting Services

Let us help you get your web, search and social marketing going in the right direction. We give you our recommendations and help you plan forward so you can either hire a professional with confidence or implement the plans yourself.

Consulting Services

  • Do you occasionally have a nagging question about your marketing that doesn’t seem to be answered anywhere?
  • Do you need help getting started, implementing or finishing a project or making an idea happen?
  • Are you stuck on something and could use a professional to provide feedback and get you going in the right direction?
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Marketing Planning

  • Do you want to build authority with a web presence that attracts, convinces and converts more customers?
  • Are you dabbling in social media, not sure what your goals are or how to reach them?
  • Does it seem like there are a lot of marketing pieces, but you’re not sure how they all fit together?
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Website Evaluation

  • Do you have a website that isn’t doing much for your business or that you think could be better?
  • Are you wondering how your website measures up to the competition and whether it’s working well for search engines and your visitors?
  • Do you have a feeling there are things you need to improve, but aren’t sure what or how?
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Social Profile Evaluation

  • Are you wondering whether you’re conveying the right brand image online or not sure that it represents who you really are?
  • Do you want to build your audience and engagement but are feeling stuck?
  • Do you sometimes feel like there are about a million social networks and that everything is just a little disconnected?
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Writing Services

Whether you’ve got ideas or are stuck on where to go next, we can research, draft and write convincing and creative copy that reflects who you are and fits your brand image.

Blog Post

  • Are you thinking there’s something to content marketing but not sure how to get started or keep going?
  • Do you want to blog but can’t find the time, don’t consider yourself a writer or just don’t love pounding out 1000 words at a time?
  • Do you wish someone would just come up with ideas and write about them in a way that reflects your voice and brand?
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Website Copy

$2500/5 pages
  • Do you need customer-focused copy for your website but don’t consider yourself a writer and aren’t sure how to convey your message in the best possible way?
  • Do you have a lot to say and wish you could write it but either don’t have enough time or confidence to make it happen?
  • Do you want to convince and convert your website visitors instead of sending them off to a competitor?
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LinkedIn Profile

  • Did you create a LinkedIn profile because you “had to” and then leave it there to languish, only partially completed or not quite reflecting your expertise?
  • Do you want to generate more leads with a compelling bio that speaks to your prospective customers?
  • Are you confused by all the different approaches to writing a bio and aren’t sure which to follow?
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Branding Services

From concept to creation, we help you visualize and communicate your message in a unified way across all of your digital and printed materials.

Logo Design

$750 /& up
  • Do you have a feeling that your logo is too old, too busy, too boring, too generic, too much like a competitor’s or just doesn’t work for you anymore?
  • Are you looking for a logo that reflects your brand, conveys your business culture and doesn’t blend into the noise?
  • Are you tired of going through revision after revision because nothing seems to work, so you’ve settled for “good enough”?
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Business Card Design

$550/3 samples
  • Are you stuck at networking or social events without a business card to share or with one that you hand out and spend a lot of time apologizing for?
  • Does yours look a bit dated, cluttered or “home grown”, like it just came off your inkjet printer?
  • Does it seem like your brand is “all over the place” and your printed marketing materials need to be more consistent?
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Letterhead & Envelope Design

$500/3 samples
  • Are you still tacking your logo into the corner of a text document and calling it letterhead?
  • Do you wish your branding was more prominent, so that when you send out written communications is has “you” all over it?
  • Does your branding need a more unified look so that all of your materials reflect your image?
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WordPress Websites

If you’re looking for a site or blog that you can mange easily, that’s optimized for search and that can be customized to reflect your brand then WordPress is the choice for you.

Wordpress Blog

$1000/+3mo free hosting
  • Do you have a website that you don’t want to change but would like to add a blog component to it?
  • Are you ready to tackle blogging for business but need some help getting everything set up and looking pretty?
  • Do you have a blog, either on WordPress or another platform but think it could look better and function better?
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Basic Business Website

$3500/+3mo free hosting
  • Have you built a website using a free (or inexpensive) website builder tool, only to find out you can’t customize it or manage it the way you want?
  • Is your website not quite up to par, not generating leads or looking 1992-ish?
  • Did your “web person” disappear, leaving you with some poorly written content and no way to update or improve your site?
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Premium Website

$5500/+3mo free hosting
  • Are your hands full running your business, leaving you with little time to focus on the important details of your marketing?
  • Do you want a site that doesn’t just look pretty but helps to convince and convert customers with benefit-focused content?
  • Are you looking for top-to-bottom attention on everything from the look of your site to the message it conveys?
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